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Hey hey guys! Just cleared out my desk during some winter break cleaning and came across a generous amount of art supplies that I have either used once and never went back to, used a lot but still had some juice in ‘em, OR are brand new!! Figured there’s no need for this stuff to go to waste, so why not make a giveaway out of it?

SO HERE’S THE DEAL. There will be one winner. This winner will receive:

-A small 4x6 black sketchbook, normal paper. [Used. The pages that were used have been removed and the beginning looks a little beat up, but there are PLENTY of clean sheets left!]

-A very small mini photo album. [Brand new.]

-A medium-sized purple sketchbook, thick paper for wet media. [Brand new. The interesting thing about this one - each sheet has a piece of tracing paper right before it. No idea how this can be utilized to its best ability but I’m sure you creative peeps will come up with something!]

-Four prismacolor markers: Sienna Brown, Brick Beige, Dark Brown and Dark Umber. [Used. All tested and work great!]

-Seven prismacolor inking pens, size 05: Black, Red, Orange, Green, Blue, Light Brown and Dark Brown. [Used. All tested and work great!]

-Two thick metallic prismacolor markers: Silver and Gold. [Used. All tested and work great!]

-Two mechanical pencils, both with refills. [Brand new.]

-A sample pack of mini Strathmore paper. [Brand new.]

-A Faber-Castell eraser. [Brand new.]

-A black carrying case to keep it all together! [Brand new.]

-Set of 10 prismacolor colored pencils: White and Red are sadly missing. [Heavily used, but these are expensive colored pencils and there’s no use getting rid of them!]

-Set of 12 metallic colored pencils. [Brand new.]

-Set of 3 blender pens for water-based ink. [Brand new.]

-Cray-Pas pastels. [Used. All tested and work great!]

-Neocolor professional crayons. [Used. All tested and work great!]

-Set of 6 Faber-Castell brush pens. [Used. All tested and work great!]

-A fountain inking pen, complete with plenty of refills! [Used. When testing, it appeared that the previous ink cartridge was running low, but I didn’t want to poke a hole in a brand new one for travel. It will most likely need a new one installed for its next use.]

And that’s everything!! NOW FOR THE RULES.

-ONLY reblogs count.

-You do not need to follow in order to participate.

-Please just one reblog per person… if I see you either reblogging many times or using a giveaway blog you will be disqualified. :(

-I will *ONLY SHIP IN THE UNITED STATES*. This is due to far too many of my etsy orders, previous giveaway, and other past experiences that just ended in nothing getting to its destination overseas. It’s frustrating, but I’ve got to do it this way to ensure the supplies don’t simply get lost.

-You must be okay with giving out your address so I can ship ‘em!

-Your ask box must be open. I will notify the winner and they will have 48 hours to respond, both to confirm that they are located in the US and to provide their address, otherwise I will pick the next person.

And that’s pretty much it! The giveaway will end on THURSDAY, JANUARY 10TH at 9PM. Good luck everybody!!

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